Awalim Tribal Bellydance Company

Atlanta's Premier Bellydance Company and Studio! 

atlanta decatur tribal bellydance classesAwalim was formed in 1999 under the Direction of Ziah Ali McKinney-Taylor as a group to bring World Fusion Tribal Bellydance to the stages of Atlanta and the Southeast US. Awalim’s particular flavor of Tribal is decidedly upbeat and earthy while being sophisticated and urban, bringing what we feel are Atlanta’s strongest characteristics to the Tribal genre.

The Awalim Dance Company takes their name from the term "Awalim," which is the plural of "Alima." This term applied to female singers and dancers who performed only for women in the Ottoman aristocratic households (Rodinson, 1975). These women were educated in the dance and music arts of the Middle East and were entertainers for the upper class. Taking from our historical name, the members of the Awalim Dance Company are equally educated in the music, dance, and history of our art form. Awalim’s goal is to not only pursue excellence in dance but to create a community of dancers with similar passion towards our art form that will work together to create unique choreographies and polished performances.

In 2014, the 15th year of the Awalim Dance Company, it morphed into a "repertory company" model as the students and the principal dancers focused more on producing their own stage shows instead of marketing themselves for hire. The dance company now almost exclusively produces its own shows it performs in to be able to control its own image. We are still for hire but we are choosy about our clients!