Perform with us!

Join an universally known team of dancers to inspire you to have fun on stage! Awalim was formed in 1999, has had dozens of professional members and hundreds of student performers, and has toured internationally.

What do you get by performing with us? Students have plenty of opportunity to perform the material they are learning in class. We present many performance opportunities so that the student learns rehearsal and performance skills like staging, group dynamics, costume preparation, stage make-up, contracts, back stage etiquette, stage production, etc...while working with their dance partners. This prepares them for possible professional engagements with the dance company or solo. 

Some performances are choreographies students learn in class. Some learn via Private Lessons. In some cases, depending on the show, you may need to audition your piece so that we know you have prepared ahead of time. Rehearsal is not the place to re-learn a piece, rehearsal is for staging and syncing for a performance. If you need to re-learn a piece contact Ziah for a refresher private lesson. Orientale Tribal Style is the best way to always have something you can perform because it is versatile and we always include that in a performance set. To perform you must currently be studying with Ziah to be up to date on your technique, no exceptions.

Basic costuming is a black short sleeve Choli/or coin bra, full pantaloons, and at least one piece of Assuit (if you get two get a matching piece), and a coin belt. 

If you want to perform just talk to Ziah in class to find out about upcoming performances.