OTS Orientale Tribal Style PLUS Technique Thursdays 8:30-9:30pm
Tribal Bellydance

OTS Orientale Tribal Style PLUS Technique Thursdays 8:30-9:30pm

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August 3 Week Session- August 16, 23, 30. 
Ziah will be gone from July 24 - August 12 for a professional training, performance, and workshop tour.

September 3 Week Session- 6, 13, 20 
Ziah and Awalim will travel to teach and perform at TribOriginal Bellydance and Music Camp in VA Sept 25-Oct 1

An Oriental Style Group Improvisational Format created by Ziah and the Awalim Dance Co based on the ATS® Format. A great structure to learn Orientale bellydance combos for restaurant and/or stage use, while learning Tribal ATS and Fusion history in America...all while having a fabulous time with a group! 

Are you an Orientale/Cabaret style dancer and always wanted the same group improvisational tools that ATS® dancers have? This language is great for group restaurant and live band performances. Now you can explore the music and dance on the fly with your Cabaret buddies. Also great for integrating into your ATS® dialect! For this class, Ziah will teach both ATS® related and original OTS moves developed by Awalim.


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