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Birth Doula

A doula for anyBODY- your body, your choices- Specializing in Trans and Queer parents, Dance Movement for health during pregnancy and birth, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome/EDS

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Dance is for EveryBODY

Tribal Bellydance is an extremely body friendly dance form for all ages plus it creates a great community!


1. If you have never taken a bellydance class or are starting back after being gone for a while Take the Beginner Level Class on Thursday at 7:30

2. Have some skills and ready to jump straight into a dancing class? The 8:30 Thursday class varies from OTS/Orientale Tribal Style to Choreography.

3. Can't take a class at those times or want to learn a specific choreography? Ziah can do Private Coaching Lessonsl! She even does Live Skype Lessons the include a Workbook for students that don't live in the Atlanta area. 

4. Or take her Online OTS/Oriental Tribal Style classes on Pow How!

Ziah Ali has been teaching and performing tribal style belly dance in Atlanta for 10+ years. She has laid a solid foundation for this art form, and offers instruction of the highest quality. If you are serious about developing your dance, this is the studio for you. If you're pursuing belly dance for fun or fitness, you'll find that here as well. Whatever your goals, you will be welcomed by a supportive dance community.

Theresa T. -Google Review

Seriously, if you want to learn belly dance -- whether a beginner wanting to dip a toe in (watch out, it's addictive) or an experienced dancer wanting to polish his/her technique, this is the place to go. Ziah has trained some of the country's top belly dancers, and her instruction is not just for tribal-style dancers! And if you're looking for family-friendly, polished entertainment, this is the place to call and the group to see.

Barbara S - Yelp Review

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